Chiron Return publishes working draft of its Covid timeline

Chiron Return, the nonprofit publisher of Planet Waves FM, has published a working draft of its Covid timeline. The focus of the document is the polymerase chain reaction test for the alleged virus.

This is a published working draft that spans from Dec. 1, 2019 through Feb. 20, 2020, with some dates in March and April present. We have focused on the first three months because our timeline-chronology, Covid19 News, did not begin recording events until March 3, 2020. Covid19 News updates several times a day with the most salient events of the past 24 hours or so. It is also published by Chiron Return.

If you have specific expertise on the timing of any issues, or any other timelines, please contact us.

What does it mean to follow the science? Lessons from IBT Labs

From the civil testimony of toxicologist Phillip S.Smith in a lawsuit against Monsanto for fraud in safety studies used for FDA and EPA certifications.
From the civil testimony of toxicologist Phillip S. Smith in a lawsuit against Monsanto for fraud in safety studies used for FDA and EPA certifications.

Dear Friend and Listener:

Last week on Planet Waves FM, we featured an interview with Peter von Stackelberg (player above), who in the late 1970s was busy covering grain futures for the Regina, Saskatchewan Leader-Post. He heard that there were some pesticides that may have had their registration pulled, and he looked into it.

As a result of that one decision, he broke open one of the strangest, most far-reaching scandals in scientific history — though today few people have heard of it. It involved a total regulatory failure of the FDA and EPA approval process for agricultural chemicals, food and cosmetic additives, industrial chemicals and many others.

The bottom line was that none of the thousands of products on the market — most of them industrial toxins — had valid safety testing, and worse, their fraudulent studies were accepted by the FDA and the EPA. Nearly all of these chemicals are still on the market today, in your food, your soap, your makeup, your car’s interior, your pet products and everything else that produced anywhere but someone’s kitchen.

Faced with the total failure of its safety regulation process, EPA and FDA officials did not act to protect the public. Rather, as they say by their own actions, they joined the marketing departments of companies like Dow Chemical and Monsanto.

As a result, four executives of a company called IBT Labs where charged with fraud by federal prosecutors, and three were convicted (one seemed to have a heart attack during the trial). You can read my summary of those events issue here, co-written with Peter, when we published the resulting document trove. This is one of the great editions of Planet Waves.

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Investigative reporting in a blizzard of journalistic fraud: Uncovering Covid

Chiron Return, founded in 2014, has served since March 2020 to provide a consistent source of verified news in the mist of a blizzard of journalistic fraud. One of the most serious problems of the Covid crisis is not merely that the commercial news corps could not get the story right; they have made no attempt to do so.

Acting before the federal emergency was declared, we established a special research team and a news feed called Covid19 News. With a mission of investigating specific scientific issues and tracking major developments as told by a wide diversity of information sources, our volunteers and professionals went to work, going nearly around the clock for a year.

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Isaac George interviews Eric Francis: How the Chiron team unraveled the Covid story

This week we have a special presentation: a between me and UK broadcaster Isaac George, recorded back in May. The conversation focuses how the Chiron Return investigative team unraveled the Covid story.

This is of course an ongoing process, as we continue to observe and analyze the news every day. However, the narrative in the interview starts in the early days of the claimed pandemic, when my focus was reaching out to holistic practitioners, doctors, herbalists, homeopaths and my midwife partner. I describe getting our first documentary evidence of problems with the “covid test,” and to the point of defining 18 separate issues.

Though I made a choice early on to focus on the polymerase chain reaction, we explored many issues in-depth, sometimes working through over a topic ten times. Gradually, a picture began to form. This conversation describes and explains the process of classical investigative reporting.