Investigative reporting in a blizzard of journalistic fraud: Uncovering Covid

Chiron Return, founded in 2014, has served since March 2020 to provide a consistent source of verified news in the mist of a blizzard of journalistic fraud. One of the most serious problems of the Covid crisis is not merely that the commercial news corps could not get the story right; they have made no attempt to do so.

Acting before the federal emergency was declared, we established a special research team and a news feed called Covid19 News. With a mission of investigating specific scientific issues and tracking major developments as told by a wide diversity of information sources, our volunteers and professionals went to work, going nearly around the clock for a year.

Our news feed includes events as reported by mainstream outlets, and responses from the most reliable sources we can identify. It is the most comprehensive news timeline that we know of.

By May 2020, we had identified 18 separate medical and scientific issues that comprised the Covid story, including the PCR test, the lab release theory, CDC death certificate reporting requirements, what happened in New York City, medical diagnosis and treatment of the syndrome, Event 201 and many others.

Building on my background covering fraud litigation and mass poisoning incidents, I began a series of investigative articles based on my team’s findings. Our radio program, Planet Waves FM, interviewed 20 different doctors and research scientists in an effort to establish a basis of truth to the issues we were uncovering.

We have become world-class experts in the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) device that has been used to define a “confirmed case” of SARS-CoV-2 infection. In a series of about 35 presentations, I went deeper into the issues with the PCR device, establishing factually and from multiple sources that it is not designed to detect a virus, nor is it capable of doing so.

Our work continues to the present day, as we update Covid19 News five times, and present a weekly radio program each Friday night. For a summary of how we did the story, here is an article published on Planet Waves.

Eric F. Coppolino

Special Planet Waves FM Presentation Co-Hosted by Isaac George: Breaking Open the Covid Story

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