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Eric Francis Coppolino
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Attorney Ralph Kirk to reporter Eric F. Coppolino

Haz-Mat workers in level B and level C containment suits outside Bliss Hall, SUNY New Paltz, January 1992. This was one of the most contaminated areas on the whole campus after a dozen PCB transformers catastrophically failed.

I am not a writer, so forgive my inexperience but picture the intro: the explosion, what you experienced on site on the day following, the cleanup by state employees without hazmat suits; the 50 million dollar bungled cleanup; the hidden danger to students who lived in the dorms after, your dogged research; your initial articles, the temperature controlled storage of documents at your personal expense. It seems to me, the hook is your response when our office contacted you in May of 2020, along the lines of, “I have been waiting for this call” — We are talking about 29 years later!!!

— Attorney Ralph Kirk

In 2021, I served as an expert witness in a wrongful death disability case involving an employee of the State University of New York at New Paltz who was exposed to PCBs while working and developed multiple illnesses. This matter related back to a PCB contamination incident on Dec. 29, 1991 at the time covered by Student Leader News Service. I provided the claimant’s counsel with documents from the State of New York files obtained under the Freedom of Information Law, photographs that I had taken in December 1991 and January 1992, and expert testimony. The case was decided in favor of the claimant’s widow and estate. I received this letter from their attorney on June 3, 2021. — efc

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Warning to Women, & the Men Who Love Them

Collusion by Charlie Lemay.

Dear Friend and Reader:

WE ARE ABOUT to experience a total eclipse of the Moon in the sign Scorpio, symbols boldly pointing to matters of women’s reproduction, and concerns of the public about such issues.

Soon after the corresponding solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30, a draft decision was leaked from the Supreme Court for the first time in American history, pertaining to the case Dobbs v. Jacobson’s Women’s Health Organization.

The proposed ruling would render it legal for states to entirely ban abortion, overturning the famous Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood cases.

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Dobbs decision leak, and the Chiron Return of Roe v. Wade :: The More Things Change

In fact when I researched Roe at the 40th anniversary, it was clear that the anti-choice movement was already hard at work, anticipating the decision, and getting ready to take out the pending Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) a few years later.

Audio from Planet Waves FM: Roe v. Wade and Our Haunted World

Dear Friend and Reader:

THE EXTRAORDINARY LEAK of a draft decision of the United States Supreme Court is itself a sign of the times. Yet another thing that’s never happened before actually has. We can be sure that the court staff will face something akin to waterboarding as the justices figure out just how that PDF got loose.

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For the First Time, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Publicly Acknowledges Controversy Over Existence of SARS-CoV-2 — and of All Viruses

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. takes part in a panel discussion following the New York City screening of ‘Trace Amounts’ at NYU on March 24, 2015 in New York City. Photo by Cindy Ord.

[See transcript of my interchange with RFK, or hear audio]

By ERIC F. COPPOLINO | Planet Waves FM

GREENWICH, CT — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has acknowledged the controversy within his own community over whether SARS-CoV-2 physically exists, and whether any viruses exist, or make people sick. He made the comments at a fundraising event here Sunday, April 24, 2022.

Kennedy said that the issue erupts regularly on the email discussion list of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), the vaccine safety and education organization that he founded in 2016.

“On our list, there’s a number of people who make those kinds of arguments” about how viruses allegedly don’t exist, Kennedy said in his remarks. “And other people on the list server, and these are all very brilliant people, ridicule them and dismiss them, and have them produce a lot of evidence.”

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Isaac George interviews Eric Francis: How the Chiron team unraveled the Covid story

This week we have a special presentation: a between me and UK broadcaster Isaac George, recorded back in May. The conversation focuses how the Chiron Return investigative team unraveled the Covid story.

This is of course an ongoing process, as we continue to observe and analyze the news every day. However, the narrative in the interview starts in the early days of the claimed pandemic, when my focus was reaching out to holistic practitioners, doctors, herbalists, homeopaths and my midwife partner. I describe getting our first documentary evidence of problems with the “covid test,” and to the point of defining 18 separate issues.

Though I made a choice early on to focus on the polymerase chain reaction, we explored many issues in-depth, sometimes working through over a topic ten times. Gradually, a picture began to form. This conversation describes and explains the process of classical investigative reporting.