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Read the Latest version of our Covid Chronology — version 5.1.9

Note from New York, Jan. 24, 2023 — Version 5.1.9 is a minor upgrade that mostly cleans up typing errors. The note below remains the most interesting upgrade. I am planning to have a beta of 2021 up soon. This one will be more of a news chronology than a primary source scientific one, though I reckon that over time we will add primary sources as they come in. Also, I recognize we need to focus a level of this whole project on litigation. Is there someone in the house who would help out with that? Basic paralegal skills would be perfect, or we can train. Write to me!

Note from New York, Jan. 12, 2023 — I’ve posted a new edition with some important additions related to the initial papers claiming the existence of a virus in early January 2020. This includes an email from David Rasnick, Ph.D., who explained the means by which the Fan Wu team did its metagenomic transcript and claimed that it was a full sequence of SARS-CoV-2. We are currently sorting out technical matters related to the declaration of the “public health emergency of international concern” (PHEIC) declared Jan. 30, 2020 and the global pandemic declared March 11, 2020. The posts below go over the additions to version 5.1.6.

I intend to have a draft of the 2021 chronology posted within a week or so. We are done with the main framework of the document; I need to go over it and clean up the language and presentation. But, it is done. We continue to track events every day in real time at Covid19 News. — efc

The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

Note from New York, Dec. 18, 2022 — I’ve added an explanation of the patient origin of samples claimed to have been used in creating the metagenomic transcripts leading to the submitted files 402123 and MN908947. This will give you an idea how complex this process is, as well as the complexity of documenting what happened. You may find this on page 35 of the new edition. — efc

Note from New York, Dec. 1, 2022 — At long last, I have a new edition for you. There are two main improvements: we have done a careful trace of media reports claiming some version of the lab release theory. Several of these have been added. The origins of the now de rigueur theory of “covid” go back to January 2020 PR rollout of the pandemic scenario.

The story was initially dropped as a denial of lab leak theories, even though hardly anyone knew that anything was supposed to be happening; this was around Jan. 23, 2020. The media strategy developed into one publication would claim lab release, and another would discredit it is a scam. This MO is still being used in late 2022.

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Eric Francis with Dr. Sam Bailey — How Digital Conditions Influenced the Lockdown Crisis

Eric Francis in a new appearance on the Sam Bailey Channel

Dear Friend and Reader:

This week I am again the guest on Dr. Sam Bailey’s channel, talking about how full digital conditions influenced the lockdown crisis. This discussion is based on my study of the work of philosophers Marshall and Eric McLuhan, who pioneered the field of media studies and taught me about life under full digital conditions.

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