Chiron Return publishes updated version of our advanced covid timeline. Plus — Dr. Sam Bailey interviews me on the PCR and the chronology

Read the latest version of our Covid Chronology.
Begins in 2007 and goes to the end of 2020. New update (version 4.9.7, updated May 13, 2022) clarifies many of the early claims of virus isolation and purification under the tag [iap]. We correct technical facts related to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock pertussis incident.

New Article — Roe v Wade On the Edge

Read the latest version of our Covid Chronology. Begins in 2007 and goes to the end of 2020.

Below — an older interview on Vermont Public Television with Mark Borax about how the timeline was developed. See interview below in video format. See interview by Max with Eric about the development and history of the covid PCR tests.

New Edition of Chronology is Available

Chiron Return, the nonprofit publisher of Planet Waves FM, has issued the latest version of our Covid Chronology. It now extends out to the end of 2020 and covers every day between Dec.1, 2019 and Dec. 31, 2020 — and goes all the way back to 2007.

This work has been built with the assistance of many researchers and document collectors throughout the world. It is the only document of its kind on the internet, providing a day-by-day account starting in December 2019, details of the previous 11 months of 2019, and relevant extending back to 2006.

The focus of the investigation behind this document is the polymerase chain reaction test for the alleged virus. More than two years of investigation and identifying sources worldwide have resulted in the most comprehensive chronology of events.

The most updated edition includes a detailed chronology of “gain of function” research involving the National Institutes of Health, EcoHealth Alliance, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

This is a published working draft that spans through May 2020, about two months after the commencement of our timeline-chronology, Covid19 News.

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