Chronology of the Feb. 3, 2023 Derailment of Train 32N in E. Palestine, OH

Scene from East Palestine residential street during the dump and burn operation on Feb. 6, 2023.

Here is our first release of the East Palestine chronology.

Here is our first release of the East Palestine lawsuit chronology.

1 thought on “Chronology of the Feb. 3, 2023 Derailment of Train 32N in E. Palestine, OH”

  1. Problems with the standard East Palestine narrative — something is missing…

    — There has never been a dump and burn in railroad history, even in the decade prior to its being banned by 1980 regulations. There is always dump and remove, or decant (into tankers) and remove. These incidents happen every two weeks — the burn part is totally unprecedented and there is rarely a need to dump…

    — Fully enclosed hazmat tanker truck driver recovery operation (entirely routine procedure when there are damaged tanker cars) was initiated Friday Feb. 3, and then called off within 24 hours (on Friday night or Saturday). Who called it off? I have this from two reliable sources

    — Fire lines pulled from keeping tankers cool

    — No samples of soot or wipe samples from inside the tanker cars — missing crucial data that would reveal the true nature of the incident

    — Point source soot samples are also missing

    — Decision to breach, dump and burn was totally irrational and nobody understands it. EPA was involved.

    — No state or federal emergencies declared, depriving governments of emergency powers and agencies of certain kinds of authority (we now from “covid” how much power a state of emergency grants; in this case, that was never done).

    — Analysis of samples from PTRMS lab (high-end mobile chemistry analysis lab) are bogged at Carnegie Mellon, in custody of Albert Presto, who is not releasing them.

    — Pressure release valves (PRVs) were working fine, per NTSB report; the tanker cars were not in jeopardy. Other reports say the VCM was not in jeopardy of exploding and besides, they can easily decanter it into tanker trucks as is done regularly.

    — Five dead CTEH guys in airplane crash (eyewitnesses to point source sampling), who were at the East Palestine scene taking samples on behalf of the railroad and took samples…they died en route to the next mission.

    — People are still sick in Palestine a way they should not be based on every other incident my source has worked on for 30 years. The other explanations are not very plausible, such as offgassing from stream aeration.

    — Chemicals that are currently banned from production by federal law are DDT, PCBs, PBDEs, some CFCs, all chemical warfare agents and chemicals banned from production by voluntary agreement with chemical industry are PFOS and PFOA.

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