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This document updates frequently (sometimes many times a day). The newest edition corrects events from January 27-30, 2020 involving the WHO’s trip to China, their press conference the next day, and the declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, that is, a global pandemic. This document currently extends through the end of 2020 (which keeps getting more interesting).

We are underway with 2021, though that is a whole other book; a whole other era. Please use the newest version. New version 5.0.9 posted June 25, 2022, includes many events previously missed, such as when ivermectin entered the discussion, details about the NYC shutdown of both the subway system and Broadway, and more. The Version 4 series added all known “isolation” papers from June 2020 back to the beginning, the history of “gain of function,” many other prehistory events, and the apparent media rollout of the crisis timed with the World Economic Forum (WEF) conference in Davos, Switzerland on Jan. 21, 2020. The newest versions document Moderna’s claim that its mRNA technology is similar to computer storage, operating systems and applications.

Below — an older interview on Vermont Public Television with Mark Borax about how the timeline was developed. See interview below in video format. See interview by Max with Eric about the development and history of the covid PCR tests.

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